Hack WiFi Password from your iPhone or Android Smartphone Using “WiFi Cracko” App

WiFi Hacking iOS Android

Each year technology is granting us with new innovations. from hardware. electronic devices to software and various applications developer for all kind of purposes.

When it comes to hacking/cracking Wi-Fi passwords, people were mostly using a known Kali Linux method with Aircrack-ng program. There was a Windows version too, not that stable and fast like one from Linux, but it can do a job well.
In short, no one used smartphone to hack wireless passwords because no any tool was developed for mobile phones for these purposes.

Today we present you a new WiFi cracking application for iOS and Android devices – WiFi Cracko. It comes as a desktop software too, but since it’s the first reliable app for mobile operating systems, this is what it makes it special of its kind and popular within new generation of internet users, where smartphones are becoming more dominant each year when we talk about internet usage.

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How does the WiFi Cracko app function?

The tool is armed with enhanced brute-force technology and features to break into all modern version of routers, with security systems like WPA, WPA-2 (PSK) and WEP types.

The first step (After downloading and installing the app) users will have to do is to scan for nearby Wi-Fi networks in their range. After the app is finished with listing them choose the one with strongest signal (recommended) to crack access into.

Tip: WiFi Cracko has wireless security type identification plugin inside itself so you don’t have to manually search inside each of SSID to find out whether is it WEP/WPA or else. Just click that button inside the tool after networks scanning gets completed. (shown in a screenshot below)

Wireless security type check

Now after you chosen desired network and selected a security type, it’s time to begin with hacking.

Hit “Start” button and the tool will begin with cracking a password. All you have to do is wait now until process is finished. Time will depend on password strength. Experienced internet users will probably have their password made more compex, which are harder to crack then simple ones made of small letters only.
But since majority of internet users are not aware of this, in 85% of cases you will be able to hack WiFi password successfully in few minutes only.

That’s it! WiFi Cracko is very easy application to use and there it not that much to explain more about. Hope you’ll find it useful 🙂

Disclaimer of this post:
By reading this article, you are aware that hacking into devices and accounts that are not in your possession is considered illegal. And if you still decided to proceed doing so, you’re taking all responsibility on your own and we (Wiper team) will take no any legal consequences if occur.

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