About Us

Wiper is a cybersecurity blog run by two computer science students from London.
We decided to dedicate our skills into mobile phones security research including mobile apps and overall software & operating systems (Android and iOS mostly). Our goal is to share related tutorials for readers to learn how they can protect their devices from online threats and hacking attacks.

Mobile devices connected to internet networks are full of vulnerabilities and some regular user who’s not educated enough in this field can easily fell by various tricks which hackers throws by many ways trying to get into your device anonymously and steal private information.

Because technology evolves rapidly every day it’s really hard for everyone to continuously follow and stay up to guides how to secure yourself from getting hacked. One should have an active place where they should visit regularly and read fresh information in this field. And this is exactly the goal of Wiper’s team.

We’ll do our best to provide you highest quality guides and latest sources to teach you how to protect yourself and your smartphone from any threat which gets released.

Thanks for your visit and hope you’ll enjoy your posts.