Terms & Conditions

Wiper blog contains information which can easily be misused if it’s read by someone will evil plans in their mind. Therefore, to protect ourselves and our readers, please read this Terms & Conditions policy carefully before browsing our tutorials collection.

  1. All information posted on Wiper.com is created only for one purpose, and that is helping our readers to understand how mobile phones, applications and internet browsing can be dangerous and risky for anyone who’s not educated enough to recognize potential threat or hacker’s traps. This is a main reason of creating Wiper blog; To help readers how to protect themselves and their loved ones from hacking attempts, and to learn how to retrieve and recover back their lost/hacked online accounts login information.
  2. Tutorials which contains information which explains how to monitor someones activity remotely with other device, with using tools such as keyloggers/tracking apps/Remote Access Trojans/other can be used only in these two purposes:
    2.1 – To monitor minor children’s activity (not older then 13 years old) in goal to protect them from online abuse/pedophiles.
    2.2 – To supervise employees activity (If you’re an employer), and only if they are previously informed they will be supervised.
    Any other purpose of using such tools is strictly forbidden and punishable by law. Wiper.com representatives will not be responsible for any other unallowed activity of stated applications.
  3. Tutorials which explains how to find login passwords of online accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, email, or any other should be used only in purpose to retrieve back accounts which you own and of which you lost access to.
    It’s strictly not allowed to use this information to hack accounts of other people. These actions are illegal and punishable by law, and by doing them, you take all risks and responsibility which may occur if you get caught.