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Wiper Messenger App

Wiper is an innovative end-to-end encrypted application that makes you chat & call in total privacy! The app notifies you if a person you’re chatting with has read or even took a screenshot of your conversation. If you really want your sent messages to disappear, just hit the “Wipe” button and watch your entire conversation getting deleted for forever!

And these are not all of Wiper’s magical features! Except from offering its own messaging app, Wiper can control your messages from all other messaging platforms you use, including SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp, Instagram, email and Facebook Messenger, and let you delete your conversations from them too.

After “Wipe” button is pressed, entire conversations with your friends/partner will be deleted from their messaging platform and their phone. No any tracks will be left behind, nowhere. This includes not only text messages, but also voice messages and/or sent media files. Everything can be wiped by your choice, with just one click.

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Download Wiper App

The Wiper app is supported for all desktop & mobile operating systems, including:
– Windows, macOS, Android & iOS.

Hit the button below to get the app. You can select your operating system in the next step.

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App was last time updated on:
– June 05, 2021.

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